How a Seasonal Business Works and Why It’s Popular

Seasonal businesses are much like having a traditional teaching job. Typically, a teacher works nine out of twelve months a year but can choose to have the paycheck come in every month—spreading it out to cover the bills. Businesses that operate in a strict time period are similar.  In fact, some on- and- off businesses earn 70% of their annual income within a short span of time.

But just like a teacher can pick up a summertime job to enhance monthly income, the offseason can be a very effective time for cyclical businesses. The “time-off” period may be productive if used wisely to improve operations and cash flow, or supplement with different business opportunities all together.

If you are an entrepreneur researching the appeal of a seasonal business, perhaps you are concerned about income in the “off” months. In reality, if you are doing it right, there are actually no “off” months. Every day, week, and year is dedicated to either being in the thick of it business-wise or strategizing how to grow and improve during the not so busy months.

Know Your Cash Flow in Order to Grow

As a business owner, you are constantly managing your income and expenses. You are looking for ways to still provide the same quality product or service in a less expensive way to increase your profit margin. When your cash flow only comes in for a select number of months, you’ve got to learn to save income and profit for the leaner months.

Another idea that many seasonal operations do is find ways to expand. Instead of working nine months out of the year, work all 12 months, knowing that your business may not have as big an appeal in those “off season” months. Take, for example, a landscaping business. First, you look for a high volume of customers during the growing season or basically early spring through the end of fall. Roughly, that translates to the months of March through November, depending on what part of the country you’re in.  That leaves you three months with no business and nothing for your crews to do. But perhaps you think about incorporating holiday decorating in the off season or providing odd jobs as a handyman service from December to February.

As a business owner, you cannot hibernate in those winter months. Perhaps you are less busy, but those months are when you do maintenance on your equipment or cultivate your customer base to improve income with higher customer volume once spring hits.

The Pros and Cons

Certainly, the one very big caveat about a seasonal business is having some down time to regroup after what is hopefully a busy term. That’s a big draw for entrepreneurs who own a business that operates for a few months out of the year. Another “pro” is that for many, a business that performs in a specific season can be regarded as a side hustle allowing the owner to keep another full-time job.

Many business owners may view seasonal work as a “con” because of what may be perceived as dependency on the success of a season. But again, if you plan correctly, save money when possible and strategize in the off season there should be ample income-making opportunities.

The most successful businesses survive and thrive because they don’t limit themselves. The same is true if you operate a business in a specific season. You may want to discover ways to expand by creating an appeal about your business all year round. You want to be top of mind by keeping your brand consistent and giving customers reason to think of you as a year-round business.

SoBol Year Round

That’s what we do at SoBol. We are an acai bowl and smoothie café franchise dedicated to healthy eating. Delicious, nutritious food is not a seasonal thing. While people may be more inclined to have a cold smoothie or acai bowl in the warmer months, we have a year-round appeal because we are all about healthy eating and that never goes out of style.

Our menu is completely customizable with the freshest ingredients even brought in from local farms when in season. What our customers appreciate is good quality food and warm, friendly service. Our bowls and smoothies are a refreshing after work-out boost or a healthy way to treat the family for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or a yummy dessert.

For you as a SoBol franchisee, you can think bigger than summer business ideas. We do great business during the warm summer months. After all, the warm beach is where our company began. But our appeal is healthy food all year long.

If you want to hear more about our super cool food, fill out and submit this form and we will be in touch. And if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor, visit your nearest SoBol and sample our delicious menu. The food speaks for itself!