On-the-go, convenient, healthy, nutritious — just a few words describing the latest eating trends for Americans. We want delicious food in a hurry because we’ve got places to go and things to do! However, the trends are showing that fast food doesn’t necessarily just mean a burger and fries at a drive-thru. There are healthy meal alternatives that accommodate the growing shift toward healthy living and clean eating.

What Consumers Want

Nowadays, we see words like gluten-free, healthy, fresh, nutritious, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, green, and the list goes on. These once foreign terms are mainstream now as consumers are looking for healthy lifestyle options. Fit consumers, those defined as doing physical exercise three to five days a week and understand the importance of the mind-body connection, now represent 40 percent of the population.

Functional food trend

This is good news if you are entering the world of healthy food franchises because this movement toward better eating habits will only be growing over the next decade. Market analysts say more and more people want to know what they are putting in their bodies to ensure that the food that fuels them is functional, or beneficial to their health and well-being. Functional foods are becoming more influential in foodservice. High-protein, vegetable-rich foods, and superfoods are the most attractive to diners. Data shows nearly 60 percent of adults are looking to eat superfoods, which include nuts, berries, grains, and non-dairy milk. These items are seeing triple-digit growth on restaurant menus.

Market Growth

SoBol is leading the healthy food franchise industry with customizable bowls and smoothies, because like you, we are passionate about health, nutrition, and fitness. We know that providing healthy food options is good for the community. People want to eat healthy but don’t always have the time to do so. Having healthy choices available definitely fills a niche. Healthy franchises are also a solid investment for entrepreneurs, with market trends in healthy food seeing major growth in the next decade.

Healthy Fast Food

The term healthy fast-food franchise envelops a big industry. It can be considered fast-casual dining, soups and salads, subs and sandwiches, healthy vending services, and certainly yogurt, acai bowls, and smoothies. These are foods that accommodate restrictive diets and various nutritional needs.

SoBol began as a health food startup, and our model was so successful we began franchising. There are several reasons for this success, including our customizable menu. We are transforming according to trends. Brands must cater to a growing crowd of health-conscious consumers who still require speedy and efficient service that fits into their schedules. We cater to a myriad of nutritional needs like heart health, energy, weight management, and other dietary restrictions.

Growing Industry

The SoBol healthy eating franchise model is innovative with a prosperous outlook. The “Future of Food & Drink 2030” was created by the global WGSN Insight and Food & Drink teams using, in their words, “a proprietary forecast methodology.” The trends show great opportunity for healthy franchise restaurants that cater to consumer’s wellness needs, like providing holistic, mind-body wellness and products that balance taste and nutrition. Being a part of the SoBol healthy franchise means you are joining a growing industry. The concept of wellness is not going away. In fact, it’s a trend that has become a lifestyle.


If you’re wondering why SoBol? The answer is simple. Providing to a growing consumer need for health and wellness is right in line with our values. We keep it simple. We provide super cool food that’s good for you. We want to improve people’s day, and we want to give back to the community. Our franchise model proves there’s a call for the way we do things. Plus, the demand for a healthy food franchise like SoBol is profitable. Our average store revenue is $594,000 annually even with the financial downtown brought on by Covid-19 in 2020. Throughout the country, the smoothie industry is a $5.5 billion business. In other words, it’s a good investment.

SoBol Franchisee

As a SoBol franchisee, we will take you step-by-step through the process of opening your SoBol location. We’ve got your back and will guide you every step of the way. You will receive training and support from our industry specialists. Your success is our success, so we educate you about everything and anything from how to make our famous acai bowl and smoothies to hiring and payroll.

If you are passionate about our message, share our values, and have the entrepreneurial spirit — we can’t wait to meet you! Sign up here and be part of the SoBol family.