Protein Shake Business Opportunities that Cater to Gym Rats

If you are an entrepreneur studying trends so that you can make a wise franchise investment, your research is most likely showing the incredible opportunities available in the health and wellness industry. The U.S. currently has the largest market size in this sector with a $52.5 billion valuation.

Getting Back Into Shape

This is a growing industry for a number of reasons. Due to the CDC’s stay-at-home orders at the genesis of COVID-19, many of us started packing on pounds with the infamous banana bread diet. And those stretchy yoga pants we’d grown accustomed to – they needed a break.

There was already a booming wellness trend, prior to the pandemic, indicating that people wanted to improve themselves and maintain a healthier lifestyle. The pandemic prompted many to get creative with workouts and return to that wellness routine. That meant fewer people were going to the gym and many work-out studios failed and closed for business. Some people, instead, found online exercise classes and created home gyms which in many cases were more economical. Now, the latest stats show that about 19% of the population has a gym membership.

Keepin’ It Real

All this to say that for outside businesses who relied on gym rats, fewer gyms and fewer patrons effected their bottom line. For example, stores like Jamba Juice are located in close proximity to gyms. When gyms close, a business can potentially lose a lot of foot traffic that they relied on for business. Not only that, but typically, gym rats are looking for high protein, healthy, nutritious, and delicious meal options that are perfect after a workout. Products that steer more toward juice blends rather than whole fruit and vegetables may not be the healthful eating gym go-ers are looking for.

So instead, be thinking of a protein shake business that checks off a few of the necessary boxes.

  • Look for a business that caters to whole fruits and vegetables versus juice blends.
  • Find a business that offers high protein add-ins.
  • Look for customized menu options that are calorie and ingredient conscious.
  • Find something designed for a large audience rather than just targeting gym rats.
  • Look for a franchise option to get the biggest bang for your buck.

SoBol Caters to Gym Rats and More

SoBol is a franchise cafe that specializes in acai bowls, green bowls, fruit smoothies and more. We believe that eating healthier alternatives should never be a chore. As a protein shake business, we accommodate gym rats and anyone who is dedicated to eating right and working out. Providing a customizable menu means we welcome all those who are looking for a healthy and delicious meal.

We blend our acai fresh each day, producing our own homemade granola and topping our product with only the freshest of fruits. Our product is real food for people looking for a delicious, quick, and affordable meal. We are nutritionally conscious of calories, nutrients, allergens, and ingredients to give our customers the best tasting meal possible.

Not only did we see the wellness trend coming, but as a protein shake business, we recognize the need to make the most nutritionally sound product we can. We know that adding protein powder to smoothies or other foods is a popular practice for many reasons. That’s why at SoBol, we provide both whey and plant protein as add-ins to a delicious bowl or smoothie. Experts are always touting the benefits of protein in our bodies whether for muscle gain, weight loss or recovery from injury. Having the option to put protein powders into a great tasting smoothie, for example, is a great way to gain a high-quality nutrient in a tasty way.

Be Part of a Growing Trend with SoBol

If you are ready to take the next step and learn how to start a smoothie business, SoBol is leading the way and can help you be part of a growing trend in a strong franchise. We are always looking for franchise partners who are dedicated to the brand and share our passion to provide a good quality, delicious product. We provide valuable training and on-going support to our franchisees who become family to us.

Take the next step. Get started by filling out this form and one of our representatives will be in touch.