Is a QSR Franchise Right for You?

It takes great ambition to be an entrepreneur and make your dreams of business ownership a reality. When entering a new business that happens to be a restaurant, there is an additional layer of hard work that you can add to the mix. Reason is, it’s a competitive industry.

As exemplified during the initial shutdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic back in early 2020, certain restaurant segments were not built to survive the necessary pivots needed to adapt their models to the changes at hand.

However, QSR franchises, or quick service restaurant franchises, were poised for the challenge and not only survived but most have actually thrived with innovations brought on by consumer demand. Part of that is the effect of power in numbers. Having many units of one brand allowed franchise owners the ability to lean on each other to come up with creative ideas and implementation. New technologies were fast-tracked to keep locations afloat.

What is QSR?

Quick service restaurants are often referred to as fast food restaurants and they are the most common type of eatery around today. On average, American households spend more than $3,000 eating out and most of that is spent in the quick service sector. These are your pizza, burger, and sandwich shops. They can operate either as chains, meaning they are owned and operated by an organization, or they can be franchises with each location owned and operated by a franchisee.

QSR itself is popular because of the convenience and affordable pricing. The menu is simple and restricted. They offer limited in-house casual dining, carry-out, and drive-through. The model made some fast pivots at the start of the pandemic by initiating online ordering through apps, curbside, and contactless ordering, which only served to enhance the model even more moving into the future.

The Pros and Cons of QSR

Owning a QSR franchise has its advantages and disadvantages. On the “pro” side, as a franchise owner, this is a turnkey business with a business model that has been market-tested and has been proven to work. As a franchise owner, you receive guidance and training from franchise experts who are dedicated to your success. You have access to the brand’s marketing plan, can often receive financing more easily, have established suppliers providing discounted rates, and you may benefit from brand recognition giving you a ready-made customer base.

On the flip side, many big-name fast-food restaurants are expensive to purchase and it may take time before you make a dependable income or profit. There are labor issues in the service industry that could affect your ability to operate efficiently, and the long working hours can hurt your ability to enjoy a work-life balance.

What to Expect as a Franchise Owner

If you are trying to make a franchise business decision as to whether a QSR franchise is for you, consider this. If you love fast-paced business, where no two days are ever the same and you enjoy the excitement and energetic atmosphere and customer service elements—then you will fit right in. QSR affords you the opportunity to have a healthy ROI. Based on a McKinsey study, the average fast-food franchise makes a gross profit of more than 20% on revenues of $2.5 million per year.

For Your Consideration

Remember, you are not starting from scratch on this endeavor. As a franchisee you have a ready-made business with brand standards, restrictions, and guidance.

But word to the wise, partner with a brand that is keeping up with consumer demand. For example, having burgers and fries exclusively on the menu may not fly these days when health and wellness are top of mind. You want to be part of a franchise that keeps up with the trends appealing to fresh, high-quality food at a good price point.

QSR’s that are catering to those who choose to eat healthier, are the ones that are poised to perform better. An offshoot of quick service restaurants are fast casual restaurants. They offer high quality food at affordable pricing with a casual vibe. Although fast casual may not have table service, they do have in house dining and often food will be brought to customers at their tables after being ordered at the counter. Often in the realm of fast casual are establishments with targeted appeal like the Starbucks chain. They specialize in coffees and drinks but have limited foods offered.

SoBol is a Healthy Fast Casual

SoBol is another food franchise that falls under the fast casual umbrella. We are an acai bowl and smoothie café franchise with a healthy, nutritious, and delicious customizable menu. Our model has mass appeal for people of all ages who want a healthy meal, made-to-order with the option of sitting in our dining area or taking the order to go.

We are dedicated to giving our customers what they are craving including the little berry that is headlining the acai trend thanks to its health benefits.

As a franchise owner, you’ll be part of a growing brand in the emerging health and wellness industry. You will receive training and support from our team of experts, and you will be part of a family of owners who are passionate about providing great food to great people in a positive atmosphere.

If you’re ready to get started, so are we. We’re excited to get a chance to talk with you about being part of SoBol.