5 Summer Business Ideas with Sizzling Profits

There are lots of folks who say they prefer one season over another, but there’s no denying that summer business ideas are hot. Why? First, there are longer “warm” seasons and with that comes longer days as well. During warm temperatures and sunnier days, people are more apt to be outside enjoying the weather. Having a business that caters to that can be very profitable.

Summer Profitability

Summertime conjures up the feeling of sunshine and fun. It is the time of year more people are out and about and enjoying travelling. Traditional schools are out, thus increasing a business’ customer base. Plus, with school out, it’s a less busy time for most families and many employers allow staff to enjoy reduced summer hours.

With an eager customer base, warm weather businesses have wintertime to gear up for the busy summer months approaching. After all, for true seasonal businesses, your annual revenue often times must be earned in just a few months’ time.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says some seasonal businesses expect to earn 70% of their annual revenue within a few valuable months. Many summertime businesses compensate for that conversely with a cold weather business to maintain revenue for 12 months.

For entrepreneurs searching for profitable summer business ideas, they are plentiful.

  1. Lawn Service/Landscaping- In the spring, summer, and fall, grass is growing. Having a landscaping company provides a three-season opportunity to earn revenue. If you don’t mind getting dirty and sweaty, this is a great option. There is some initial investment of purchasing mowers, blowers and trimmers and training crew members, but it can be a very lucrative opportunity. Certainly, your business would need to be promoted right out of the gate. But traditional word-of-mouth advertising along with neighborhood flyers and yard signs are effective. Having a website showing your work and pricing along with social media marketing can propel your customer base. With landscaping you will have to find alternate work in the “off season” which is typically November through February. Many times, landscaping companies will pick up holiday or seasonal work like decorating homes for the holidays.
  2. House Painting: Whether interior or exterior, more consumers are looking for home improvements during the summer months. Again, this can be a three-season business opportunity as exterior painting is ideal in spring, summer and fall. Although some rainy weather can hamper jobs with delays–with enough crews and a schedule with built flexibility, the jobs should be completed in a timely manner. The bonus with a painting business is that during the winter months you can focus on interior painting.
  3. Pool Services: Many residential areas have neighborhood or private residence pools that need cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. Another summer business idea is servicing the many pools in the community. Pool openings can often begin as early as April and close as late as November depending on the location and climate. Once you have a steady customer base, pool services can be a very lucrative business.
  4. Summer Camp: The beauty of summer camp opportunities is that you can often lease a vacant school or church building as the base of your operations. You can plan many outdoor activities for children who are out of school but need a place to hang out while their parents are working. It’s a great social opportunity for children to enjoy in the summer months. As a camp director, you can plan activities for campers inside or outside, depending on weather. But again, this is typically a three-month option operational from June-August while students are out of school.
  5. Cool treats: Ice cream stores or food trucks that sell cool treats perform very well during the summer months. That’s when folks want to enjoy a cool refreshment on a warm day.

SoBol in Summer or any Season

That’s the story of how we opened SoBol. We are an acai bowl and smoothie café franchise inspired from beach living and warm, sunny days. While we are a summer business idea, we perform well all year long thanks to our offerings.

There’s no doubt cool, refreshing, healthy meals like acai bowls and smoothies are delicious and nutritious and great to enjoy during the summer months, our customers love our bowls so much that we have continual business 12 months out of the year. That’s because the acai trend is non-restrictive. Our customers enjoy our heart-healthy, all natural and fresh products throughout the calendar year.

If you are interested in being part of a seasonal business that actually has no boundaries, SoBol is worth looking into. As a franchisee with SoBol, understanding franchising, retail, QSR, marketing, and real-estate development is always a plus, but we set you up for success with franchise industry experts who provide top notch training and ongoing support.

If you have a passion for a healthier lifestyle and a dedication to operational excellence, fill out and submit our franchise form and we will be in touch.