Best Types of Franchises to Start in the Summer

Looking to capitalize on vacation season with a summer franchise? There are some great opportunities available that you could kick off in the summer. Here’s a list!

Ice Cream

When the sun is shining and temperatures rise, there’s nothing quite like a cold scoop of ice cream to cool you down. That’s why ice cream franchises are a great option for capitalizing on summer profits. During the summer months, people are more likely to indulge in sweet treats and desserts, making ice cream franchises a popular choice.

However, ice cream franchises tend to struggle in the winter as demand for cold treats declines with the colder weather. Therefore, this makes summer the ideal time to invest in an ice cream franchise and capitalize on the seasonal spike in demand.

Pool Maintenance

Summer is the season for swimming pools, and homeowners need pool maintenance services. Pool maintenance franchises are great summertime business ideas. The maintenance season stretches from spring to fall if you offer a variety of services. Homeowners need regular maintenance, cleaning, repairs, and winterizing for their pools. You might experience downtime during the winter when the demand for pool maintenance services declines as many homeowners empty their pools when the colder weather approaches.

Lawn and Landscaping

After months of neglecting their lawns during the wintry weather, homeowners dread the idea of going outside to revive their yards for spring and summer. But they also don’t want to be the house on the street with brown grass: cue the lawn and landscaping franchises.

From lawn care and maintenance to landscaping design and installation, there’s a wide range of services that lawn and landscaping franchises can offer customers. Franchise owners can capitalize by offering a variety of services to their loyal customer base.

The struggle comes during the winter months, when the grass isn’t growing, and it’s not planting season. Lawn and landscaping businesses can struggle with providing employees with full-time hours, leaving them to find different jobs, which risks them not being available to return to your business the following season. This can make securing employment challenging when the warmer months approach and the business starts to get busy.

Mosquito Control

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities like barbecues, picnics, and sports. Unfortunately, it’s also the time when mosquitoes are most active, making mosquito control franchises an attractive business opportunity for potential franchise investors.

Mosquito control franchises offer an array of services, from mosquito fogging and spraying to mosquito barrier treatments that can help prevent mosquitoes from breeding and multiplying on customers’ properties. In the summer months, demand for these services is high as customers seek to protect themselves and their families from mosquito bites and the potential diseases they can transmit. Local governments are also encouraging homeowners to protect their properties from these pesky insects because of the diseases they can carry.

But, once that first cold snap hits and the bugs begin to die off, you’re season is over, and the incoming revenue dries up.

Outdoor Entertainment

Summer nights call for putt-putt dates and go-kart races with the family. Outdoor entertainment franchises offer a fun and exciting way for people to spend their summer days and nights. These places are often vacant, though, during the colder weather seasons. So, if you’re looking for some extra income during the summer months only, an outdoor entertainment summer franchise is a potentially profitable option.

SoBol: Not Just a Summer Franchise

If you’re looking for a summer franchise opportunity that is in season for 12 months of the year, then an acai bowl and smoothie franchise like SoBol is the perfect choice for you. While other franchises on this list may experience a decline in demand during the winter months, acai bowls and smoothies remain a popular and healthy choice for customers all year round.

During the summer, customers are more likely to seek out refreshing and healthy food options that SoBol offers. But, even during the winter months, customers still prioritize their health and wellness, making acai bowls and smoothies a go-to option for those looking for a nutritious and tasty snack or meal.

Furthermore, SoBol franchise owners benefit from a strong brand reputation and a loyal customer base built over many years of successful operation. The company also offers ongoing support and training to help franchisees maximize profits and grow their business, regardless of the season.

Opportunity awaits in the acai industry. Get started today by filling out our franchise form. Then, we’ll be in touch.