Fast Casual Franchise: The Best Franchises for Millennials 

The word is out. If you are a millennial, not only is the concept of franchising growing in popularity with your generation, but among the best franchises for millennials are fast casual restaurant concepts. These are food establishments that offer the convenience of quickly prepared food without full-service dining. Typically, these restaurants allow for your choice of a comfortable sit-down meal or a take-out option. The food generally has higher quality ingredients than you might find at a fast-food restaurant and is freshly prepared and often ordered in person at the counter with informal dining.

The question is, what’s the “it” factor that is making fast casual franchises so appealing to this generation? Taking a deeper dive, millennials are defined as anyone born between 1980 and 1995. In the U.S., there are roughly 80 million millennials. These are men and women aged 25-40 years old right now. According to a recent study, the biggest concern among this generation, currently is job/career or making a good living. Many are looking for entrepreneurial options—a chance to make their own way and be responsible for their financial future without having to answer to a supervisor. This is why owning a business with a lower risk factor through franchising is an attractive proposition. There is a proven model to follow with the benefits of brand recognition, training and on-going support from the franchisor.

From a business marketing standpoint, millennials are the bullseye in a demographic target, which means the way they purchase and invest are closely watched. This is the generation to study for successful business trends. And what all indicators are pointing to is that millennials are concerned about the environment, food sourcing and businesses that are keenly aware of helping others or sponsoring a cause. These savvy investors want low-risk and  high-reward.

Millennials are more proactive and health conscious than their parents and grandparents. They’re more willing to spend money on fitness, health food, and self-care. Plus they do their research. This is the digital generation. They are comfortable with technology and are looking for ways to simplify life by streamlining technology and boosting social media. Because they’ve grown up in an information age, they are transparent and direct. They celebrate diversity and collaboration and are open to new ideas. They appreciate job flexibility and a work life balance.

Influenced by current culture and the world around them, millennials have their own way of doing thing— influencing changes in what we eat, how we eat it and even why we are eating it.

It clearly makes sense that millennials would be interested in a fast casual franchise option providing high quality food in a comfortable environment, served up quickly to cater to a busy lifestyle.

Fast Casual Concepts Available

There are countless options in this arena. Research shows fast food is no longer just burger and fries. It encompasses pizza, barbeque, noodles, sandwiches, salads or soups. It can mean a robotic barista has prepared an espresso. The new attitude is about enjoying your food. Taking time during your lunch-hour to pull up a chair at, let’s say Chipotle, to enjoy fresh ingredients made to order from a healthy menu. It may mean you meet friends at a “food hall” where everyone grabs a healthy meal and enjoys good conversation. It may mean outdoor dining where dogs are welcome. Millennials are redefining how we eat our meals and fast casual franchises are the wave of the future.

This new generation of business owner wants to know where the food was sourced, be it local farms or nearby vendors. They want to be good to the environment. Trends also show they want to take their business to the next level and make it meaningful. They want to use their business to raise awareness, engagement or funding for social or environmental issues.

The Ideal Franchise for Millennials

SoBol is the ideal fast casual franchise for a millennial entrepreneur. We check off all the boxes. We cater to those who focus on health and wellness. SoBol provides healthy, nutritious, and delicious acai bowls and smoothies to our customers with our fruits and vegetables sourced from local growers whenever possible. We provide friendly counter service allowing you to sit and relax alone or with friends and family in an inviting atmosphere. Or you may choose to take your drink to go to accommodate an active lifestyle.

We are looking for people who dream of business ownership and share our passion. We are very transparent about our franchise requirements because we want you to feel very comfortable before partnering with us.

We keep things simple. We work to provide super cool food and awesome experiences, improve people’s day and be a positive force, caring for others and being passionate. We believe in giving back and use our platform to contribute to a number of philanthropic organizations annually.

If SoBol sounds like the opportunity you’ve been looking for,  sign up to learn more.