Juice Bar Franchise vs. Smoothie Bar Franchise

Although often lumped together, there are distinct differences between juices and smoothies. This means there are also differences between owning a juice bar franchise versus a smoothie bar franchise. If you have been looking into juice bar franchise options — wait. A smoothie bar franchise may be healthier for you, your customers, and your wallet.

Recent stats show that the juice and smoothie industry is a $2 billion business in the United States. As the pandemic put health and wellness top-of-mind with consumers, this health food market is expected to see steady growth based on demand and economic recovery.


The Difference Between Smoothies and Juicing

From the wellness perspective, nutritionists agree that juicing and smoothies are both beneficial if used in moderation with a balanced diet. But in a head-to-head match-up, smoothies take first place. Here’s why. Smoothies are considered more beneficial to your health because they contain more antioxidants, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

It’s all about how these two products are created.

Both smoothies and juices contain fruit and sometimes vegetables. When smoothies are made, they are blended. Typically, whole pieces of fruit and vegetables, their pulp and skin packed with vitamins and nutrients, go right into the blender. Whole forms of produce contain fiber, which is also more filling and satisfying.

When you make juice, the fruit is pressed, taking out the liquid and consequently taking out the fiber, which makes it less filling. Although both juices and smoothies contain sugar, it is more intense in juice because the drink is pure fruit liquid, which contains fructose and glucose.


Juice Cleanses

You may have tried or have heard about people “juicing” for health purposes. Perhaps it’s all about weight loss or a “detox” to get your body back on track and help cleanse the digestive system. A juice cleanse can be intense. It may mean drinking only fruit or vegetable juices for anywhere from a day to a week, depending on your goals, in an attempt to get the body back on track. The problem is, nutritionists agree, this is an extreme shock to your body. Since juices are pressed, the body is not getting proper nutrients, calories, protein, and fiber. The juice diet cannot be maintained safely. Even though those who cleanse may see the scale falling, the weight loss is not sensible or long-term. The body naturally cleanses itself through drinking water and a well-balanced diet. Juice cleansing will leave the body nutrient deficient. All in all, juice cleanses are not a good idea.


A Healthier Franchise Option

What is a good idea is choosing a smoothie bar franchise over a juice bar franchise. Even experts from the Mayo Clinic agree that blended fruits and vegetables are better for you than pressed juices.

Although there are juice bar franchise opportunities in the juicing marketplace, juicing attracts a much smaller, more particular customer base than a smoothie bar franchise. Juice bar franchises target very health-conscious adult consumers. Conversely, smoothie cafés have a wider appeal because they deliver a healthy product for the whole family, young and old alike. Smoothies pack protein, nutrients, vitamins, and fiber into a great-tasting meal option that is satisfyingly filling. It’s a meal option compared to simply being a drink.



You will pay roughly the same for a juice franchise as you would for a smoothie franchise. Juice bars, like smoothie bars, are meant to be quick-service restaurants, with most customers choosing to order and go. Since a large dining room is not necessary for either model, a juice bar franchise cost is designed to be less expensive than dine-in restaurants. Franchise fees and total startup investment are typically competitive with smoothie cafes.

Economically, the differences between a juice bar franchise and a smoothie bar franchise are similar, so if you’re still trying to decide, the determining factor should be about providing customers with a healthy product that has wider appeal, so it gives you the opportunity to serve a broader customer base and make substantial profits.

At SoBol, for example, we are an acai bowl and smoothie café franchise. Our average store revenue is about $600,000 — competitive with other healthy food franchises. We serve up a completely customizable menu with healthy smoothies and bowls. Our bowls are inspired by the acai berry, projected to be a nearly $2 billion market within the next few years.

We source our fruits and vegetables from local farms and serve up fresh, healthy options to our customers every day, with a customizable menu designed to meet and exceed our customers’ nutritional goals. Our customers range in age from young children to grandparents and every age in between. They visit SoBol to enjoy a healthy meal, snack, or even dessert, depending on their needs and appetite.

Knowing that they’re serving fresh, wholesome, delicious foods to their communities is the reason our franchisees are drawn to this business. Our franchisees have a passion for a healthier lifestyle and a dedication to operational excellence. Most franchisees have some business acumen. An understanding of franchising, retail, QSR, marketing, and real-estate development is always a plus.

Our job is to teach you how to successfully open and operate a smoothie bar franchise. We provide comprehensive training with industry experts who are dedicated to making your café a success. This training will provide you with an in-depth understanding of operating a SoBol as an employee, manager, and owner. You will learn point of sale functionality, marketing, technology, third-party delivery, accounting and bookkeeping, grand opening, and much more.

Our financial requirements include financial resources of $225,000 to $250,000 in liquid assets. We have a $30,000 franchise fee, and your initial startup investment comes in anywhere from $240,800 to $450,600, depending on location and building costs.

What sets us apart is our vision of not only serving up great food but making a difference in our communities. We want to provide super cool food and awesome experiences, improve people’s days, and be a positive force, caring for others and being passionate.

If you’re convinced that smoothie cafes are the better overall option, then sign up to learn more about becoming a member of the SoBol family.