Word is Spreading About SoBol’s Success in the Acai Bowl and Smoothie Industry

It’s only been a few years since the SoBol brand made its way into the marketplace, but it’s taking the acai bowl and smoothie industry by storm. The flagship SoBol store opened in Sayville, New York, in 2014. Within two years, we were franchising the SoBol brand. To date, we have more than 50 locations in seven states, and 2022 promises even more expansion.

Thanks to this amazing growth, SoBol is catching the eye of customers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. In the latest edition of QSR magazine, SoBol is featured as a brand to watch because of our innovative style.

QSR magazine is a highly respected B2B publication available in print and online. (QSRmagazine.com) It is the leading source of news and information concerning the $300 billion limited-service restaurant industry. QSR has defined this market, which includes traditional fast-food, fast-casual dining, coffee, snacks, pizza, full-service takeaway, concessions, convenience stores, and related segments of the foodservice industry — like SoBol’s bowl and smoothie cafes.

For the general public, QSRmagazine.com provides a wealth of information about healthy eating choices, consumer dining preferences, menu options, and upcoming promotions.

In business for nearly 25 years, QSR magazine has reported on the latest consumer directions and emerging concepts in the quick-service restaurant industry like finance, food trends, and franchising to name a few.

It is considered a major accomplishment for those in the quick-service food industry to be recognized in QSR magazine. It is an even bigger deal to be spotlighted as an up-and-coming brand to watch. We here at SoBol are grateful and humbled by this honor.

It has truly been a labor of love to build this brand. Founder and co-owner Jason Mazzorone, interviewed for the QSR magazine story, knows the secret to the success of SoBol is the unbelievable team he works with in the corporate office, as well as franchisees and employees in the cafes. He believes in SoBol’s product, including his personal creation, the proprietary homemade granola, dubbed his “special sauce.” But he is most thankful for the repeat customers who love what SoBol does — and keep coming back.

SoBol offers a menu of delicious, quick, sustainable, and affordable meals. Our bowls and smoothies are perfect for anyone who loves great-tasting, healthy food. Plus, we cater to customers who are conscious of nutrition, on a diet, want healthy alternatives, or have dietary restrictions, and are thrilled with the wholesome eating choices. The menu allows for dairy-free alternatives as well as vegetarian or vegan (when the honey is removed).

The fruit used in our completely customizable bowls and smoothies is delivered seven days a week, fresh from local farms. Bowls and smoothies can be any combination of kale, spinach, strawberries, berries, mango, pitaya, and the core of this business, the acai berry.

Folks are wild about the acai berry because the tiny purple berry is a superfood. The delicious fruit combines all the healthy stuff our doctors say we need, like fiber, zinc, folic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants. Plus, the fruit has inspired businesses like SoBol because acai is more than trending. According to Market Data Forecast, the acai berry market is forecasted to grow nearly 13 percent a year, reaching a $2 billion industry by 2025.

With health and wellness on the minds of everyone these days, SoBol’s future in the health food industry is a good investment for prospective entrepreneurs. The global health and wellness food market is an $800 billion industry. This is why our franchises are thriving. Customers love the fresh ingredients available on a completely customizable menu. Franchise owners love providing this great experience in their communities,

SoBol is about simplicity. We provide a healthy, delicious product with a great attitude. Our concept is to make people’s day through food and a smile.

If you are interested in hearing more about our franchise opportunities, we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s our article in QSR magazine, which we are so proud of!