Rush Bowls Franchise vs SoBol Franchise: How They Compare

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Savvy entrepreneurs know a good thing when they see it. Which is why those who dream of business ownership are following the trends that show investing in an on-the-go healthy food franchise is a lucrative decision.

In particular, businesses serving-up healthy bowls and smoothies are booming. According to market data, the expected growth rate of the bowl and smoothie industry is 10 percent, with a market value of $17 billion by 2025.

As an entrepreneur, perhaps being part of a smoothie franchise aligns with your core values of health and wellness, which means you’ve already found your niche. Now you have to partner with the brand that suits you best. If you are thinking about becoming a franchisee for an acai bowl company, you may have heard of a brand called Rush Bowls, but there are definitely other options to consider like SoBol. Question is, how does the Rush Bowls franchise compare to the SoBol franchise in terms of location, strategy, costs, profit, and processes? Here’s a breakdown comparison.


Rush Bowls Franchise

Rush Bowls believes that food should make us feel good and nourish our bodies. The Rush Bowls franchise offers bowls and smoothies with all natural fruits and veggies served with customizable optional toppings like fruit, honey and organic granola.

Based on information found on their website, Rush Bowls began franchising in 2015. The franchise has 32 locations open throughout the United States. Their model keeps things simple from set-up to staffing and their typical shop is small, intended to be a drop-in spot. Most shops will be anywhere from 500-100 square feet in size with initial costs estimated at $194,000 and higher while franchise fees vary. Single units are $45,000, second stores are $25,000, and third and any additional units are $10,000 each. On-going costs include a six percent monthly royalty fee based on gross sales.

The Rush Bowls franchise builds near schools, hospitals, residential neighborhoods and pedestrian transit hubs.

They have a corporate support team which provides training, support and assistance with marketing.

Rush Bowls franchisees do not need to be in their stores full-time. While a background in restaurant management is preferred, it is not necessary.


SoBol is the Stronger Brand

What sets the SoBol franchise brand apart from the competition is our core values and beliefs. While we provide delicious, nutritious, and filling acai bowls and smoothies to our customers, we take it a step further. We partner with franchisees who become a member of the family and live our core values each and every day. Our vision is simple, yet important. We provide super cool food and awesome experiences. Our mission is to improve people’s days. Maybe we do that by creating a delicious bowl or smoothie from our customizable menu, or maybe it’s our impeccable customer service. We designed this franchise not only to provide heart-healthy, all-natural, fresh bowls and smoothies, but also to be a positive force in our communities by caring for others and being passionate. From our employees and guests, to franchisees and vendors, we believe in treating everyone with respect and fairness.

And it’s working. We’ve been franchising for seven years, about as long as Rush Bowls, but we are seeing greater success in that time frame with more than 50 locations throughout the U.S. and counting, compared to Rush Bowls’ 32 locations. We strategically place  franchise territories in high-growth areas to appeal to all members of the community.

Our fees are competitive; the franchise fee is $30,000, lower than Rush Bowls, and our initial investment starts at $240,000. Keep in mind, our locations are not designed to rush in and order and then rush right out. SoBol’s quick service cafés are designed to allow customers to grab a delicious meal on the run, or hang out with friends and family in our warm, inviting dining areas.

As a franchisee, those costs provide a commitment from us to give you the most comprehensive training and on-going support to make your café a success. We lead you through site selection, technology and marketing training, all the tools you need for a profitable business.

We like our franchisees to have some business acumen. Certainly, its advantageous to have an understanding of franchising, retail, QSR, marketing or real-estate development.

But our bottom line is we want to partner with entrepreneurs who have a passion to promote a healthier lifestyle in their communities and a dedication to operational excellence. If you feel like you’d fit right in with the SoBol family, sign up for more information on owning your own SoBol café.