Smoothie Truck or Mobile Juice Bar Business: Pros and Cons 

We all seem to be looking for ways to increase our fruit and vegetable intake as a way to naturally consume all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals we can. Call it a shift in health and wellness from the pandemic, a push from our doctors to live a healthier lifestyle or the fact that our mothers always wanted us to eat our vegetables. Fact is, the increase in healthy eating is making smoothies and juices big business. According to Market Data Forecast, the smoothie market sits at the $12 billion mark growing at a rate of 10 percent, anticipated to reach $17 billion by 2026.

If you want to jump on this healthy eating bandwagon… or truck in this case, let’s look at how lucrative the mobile juice bar and smoothie truck business is, compared with opening a storefront to serve up these hand-held meals to customers.

The Food Truck Concept

Serving up food from a wheeled vehicle is really nothing new. Chuckwagons served up food to cowboys in the 1800’s. Then, when motorized vehicles were invented, the trend was selling sandwiches out of vehicles in large metropolitan areas. Then came the onset of the ice cream truck, and finally in the 1980’s the mobile food industry began to take off. Although it’s not a new concept, it has evolved to provide great opportunities, especially in recent years, and has been an innovative way to serve up healthy foods.

A Mobile Smoothie Business

Starting a mobile smoothie business is much like opening a storefront smoothie bar. You will need a business plan, complete with financial information, a marketing plan, equipment costs, permits, licenses, branding, menu and insurance. Just because the business is on wheels, doesn’t make it an easier concept, in fact, you may face more challenges.

For any service, especially food business– location, location, location can make or break you. When you have a storefront or brick-and-mortar location, you can research the best spots for foot traffic and target your audience in a specific part of town to best serve your community. The best part? Your customers always know where to find you. Having a smoothie food truck means you will need to find out from local municipalities where you are allowed to park with locations often changing. You may often need to obtain temporary permits and rental fees to be allowed to participate in food truck rodeos or festivals. There is more red tape and book-keeping involved for every space you wish to park in.

Another disadvantage to utilizing a smoothie truck for your business is that you are limited to the size of your truck for your kitchen, equipment and supplies. Cost wise, you will need to obtain a new or used food truck and have it refurbished to meet your needs. You can purchase or lease one and have it customized for $50,000-$250,000. That will need to include a power source and you’ll need to ask yourself if you’ll plug in to do business or work off a generator. Add to that the price of fuel, equipment, labor and supplies and it really adds up.

Many believe having a smoothie truck means you can operate your business more economically, but that’s not always true. There is a large upfront cost for the truck much like there would be to lease a storefront space. With a smoothie food truck, you may feel like you can switch locations when business decreases, but there may be legal permits that stand in the way of your mobility.

In many ways a retail location is easier to operate. You don’t have to discover new locations to vend each day, you have more storage opportunities for inventory. You have the chance to have a more expansive menu for your customers and you don’t have to worry about the truck breaking down, oil changes and truck washing to be in business, nor where to store the truck when not in operation, those storage fees can cost anywhere from $500-$2,000 a month.

Franchising With SoBol is the Best Option

Learning how to start a smoothie business can be a difficult venture, made easier by partnering with a successful franchise like SoBol. Getting into business is very affordable with an initial franchise fee of $30,000. Instead of worrying about what you need to start your smoothie business, you follow our proven business model which has been successful for more than 50 franchise locations throughout the country. You benefit from our training and support from industry experts dedicated to your success.

You have the opportunity to provide a completely customizable menu to folks in your community while following our simple vision to provide super cool food and awesome experiences. Unlike a smoothie truck, your customers will know where to come every day for a healthy meal and a positive experience. Our shops have room for seating which gives your customers the choice to dine in or take out.

If owning a SoBol is something you want to learn more about, sign up and our Director of Franchising will be in touch, welcoming you to the SoBol family.