Top Acai Bowl Franchises to Own – Look for These Qualities

If you are thinking about owning a top acai bowl franchise, you are a savvy entrepreneur. Acai bowl and smoothie cafes are a growing trend that is expected to see continuous growth thanks to the high demand for healthy, convenient foods. Case in point, the global health and wellness food market has risen to an $800 billion industry.

At the center of all the popularity is the tiny acai berry, which is creating a giant industry, thanks to its natural healing qualities. The berry itself is a deep purple fruit that comes from the acai palm tree native to tropical Central and South America. The berry is believed to provide rich nutrients, like antioxidants that can boost your health. Bowl and smoothie cafes puree the berries to create a creamy base texture for their healthy bowls.

The base of your bowls is also the base of your business. It’s where it all begins. If you are looking to invest in an acai bowl franchise, there are certain qualities you should look for when deciding on the top acai bowl franchise to own.

Qualities in a Top Acai Bowl Franchise — Food Sources and Nutrition

There is a greater awareness now about food quality and safety. Health-conscious consumers, those looking for healthy foods like acai bowls and smoothies, are very discerning. They are careful about what they eat. They want to know what’s going into their bodies. They want to know the ingredients, nutritional value, and sourcing. In fact, according to a Food Marketing Institute Research report, about 70 percent of Americans surveyed are looking for transparency in food sourcing and labeling.

At SoBol, we are doing it right. We are in the business of serving up both nutritious and delicious bowls and smoothies in our cafes. We offer a completely customizable menu of good-tasting, quick, sustainable, and affordable meals. We cater to customers who are conscious of nutrition, on a diet, want healthy alternatives, have dietary restrictions, or are just looking for a flavorful meal high in nutritional value. For those with food sensitivity, our menu allows for dairy-free alternatives as well as vegetarian or vegan options (when the honey is removed).

Focus on Quality

At SoBol, we know our customers are depending on us to provide the highest quality ingredients sourced from trusted locations. The fruit used in our completely customizable bowls and smoothies is delivered seven days a week, fresh from local farms. Our blends are made fresh every day with fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. Bowls and smoothies can be any combination of kale, spinach, strawberries, berries, mango, pitaya, and the core of this business, the acai berry. Even our specialty toppings are healthy. They include a variety of all-natural nut butters, heart-healthy seeds, and fruit.

Sensitivity to Allergens

At SoBol, we are extremely cautious about allergies. For example, our granola is exclusive to SoBol. The homemade recipe is made fresh and contains all-natural ingredients, including cashews and almonds. We want all customers to be able to enjoy our amazing product with no restrictions. That is why customers can choose a nut-free granola option. It’s the same delicious granola, but without the nuts. We have even dedicated a separate prep station in all stores to cater to all allergens.

Transparency in Nutritional information

We pay special attention to dietary concerns like sugar, sodium, and carbs, to name a few. That is why we are very transparent about our nutrition information. We want our customers to know they can trust how we handle their food, prepare their food, and what goes into their food.

Own a SoBol

Something else you should pay attention to if you want to own a top acai bowl franchise — your customers. Here at SoBol, we are not just in the business of making bowls and smoothies; our mission and values keep it simple. We want to make people’s days better! If providing supercool food and an awesome experience makes someone smile, then we’ve done something right.

If being a positive force, caring for others, and being passionate is important to you, then the SoBol acai bowl franchise is a perfect fit.